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People often maximize their potential and maintain high-level performance when there is a great sense of community established. Linguistic Liberation is committed to assisting your organization in creating an authentic, communal environment by offering residencies and workshops that allow real intimacy to be forged quickly using artistic, bonding strategies. Executives and those they govern, teachers and students, coworkers and peers all benefit from thought-provoking prompts requiring sincere self-reflection. We create disarming atmospheres that encourage participants to move beyond the limiting borders of “other people’s opinion”, in order to taste the sweet freedom of realizing, writing and sharing one’s truth aloud. Linguistic Liberation’s Edutainment offers prompts and lesson plans that can be tailored for unforgettable, “ice-breaking” success. We also have an arsenal of speakers and performers willing to demonstrate transparency with messages that heal and inspire. Let us know how we can best meet your needs and contribute to your organizational goals!

Performance Coaching

What can be done to escape assessment? Who we are is evaluated and what we do earns an appraisal according to performance. From our youth we are taught that doing well garners good success. Coaching, a thought-partnership for the purpose of change, fosters that success in every area of life. Instead of being stuck in the maze of your thoughts, anchored with the hope to be and have better, opt for revelatory dialogue that opens your mind, unlocks your wisdom and frees actions leading to your desired achievement. LinguisticLiberation performance coaching is ICF regulated and Lipscomb University trained, offering phone calls and video sessions through zoom where applicable.Make an appointment today!

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