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Our Founder

I am “too revolutionary for this square planet. Mind’s body too curvaceous to fit within this world’s average fabric…” I’ve been often called a free-spirit, and having experienced circumstances that left me feeling bound, I quickly elected to accept that description as a trait and name. Freedom, after all, is my favorite word. So, I aim to write and speak shrapnel. Keep Reading 

Our Mission

Educationally and creatively, Linguistic Liberation’s aim is to demonstrate and facilitate inspirational workshops, residencies and performances that assists clients in achieving the freedom of being authentic; finding necessary strength in vulnerability to tell their stories with an artistic integrity that ultimately lead to a moving, nonconforming self-acceptance.Through performance coaching, Linguistic Liberation aspires to join clients in goal-achievement conversations that leads them to unlock their wisdom, engage their will and manifest the win of their desired success.

Our Vision

Our vision here at Linguistic Liberation is:

"Freeing everyday people one word at a time."

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