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Who We Are

Linguistic Liberation, LLC is a consulting company providing educational and creative entertainment services through poetry and spoken word.

What We Do

We empower clients, helping them find and use their voices to stand tall in their truth. We also provide personal and professional coaching, as we are committed to client success by partnering with their process to achieve identified goals.

Word. Sound. Power!

You are gifted with words… gift your words with your sound…your sound will gift you with movement. WORD…SOUND…POWER! Science is the earth. Art is the earth in rotation. Science is the seed planted yielding roots. Art is the blossom, the tree’s fragrant fruit. Science is the eagle. Art is the eagle in soar. Science is observation and question. Art is the expressed conclusion, making it sure.

Therefore, we do not have to subscribe to popular belief that the two are mutually exclusive. They are interconnected like unique instruments sounding to create one song. They are words thought and thoughts spoken. It is our human condition to see, hear and seek understanding just as it is our human condition to express what we understand. So, we have a bride and groom. A marriage of two who intimately birthed Linguistic Liberation, and from Linguistic Liberation we have a legacy of those who know and who become aware that they are visionary--thinkers, writers, speakers of situational semantics, realizing the freedom from creative articulation or goal achievement from partnered communication.

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